Michael Costello - Pianist with studentsMichael offers piano instruction to students in Carleton Place and the surrounding area. His personalized style of teaching allows the students to enjoy their musical journey while at the same time develop their skills.  Lessons are tailored for each student to ensure an enjoyable learning experience.   Artistic Technique is a fundamental key to the piano lessons that is  learned through choreography and is applied to tone and musical interpretation.

Students learn how to use their imagination or Aural Imagery coupled with a relaxed technique to produce exiting and creative music. Michael’s performing style and method of teaching can be seen by clicking the video "Free Your Spirit"

Whether it is improvising with students at the piano, preparing students for festivals, and concerts or working out technical issues in one's playing,  Michael’s small group of students enjoy their piano lessons.

Michael’s experience in teaching has placed him in a new role as a Festival Adjudicator.    In this role,  Michael has been able to give mini-workshops to each of the piano classes offerring valuable feedback to the performers. 

Mike,  thank you for all your kind funny and helpful adjudication this week we all really appreciate your input and ideas for our students.  Cate Meder -Chair, and teachers. 
Bancroft Music Festival-2013


Mr. Costello,
Ari was quite impressed with you as well, along with my mother and I. What a wonderful, sparkling, infectious energy you have! It was a real treat to see and hear in action as adjudicator.
Many thanks again
Ari and Lise Kutukian -

Renfrew music Festival -2009