Madoc 2012 piano concert

A performance of the Nocturne in Eb in Madoc at Trinity United Church 2012.

Love of Chopin

Heroic Polonaise

I performed this piece in the Church of the Ascension in Hamilton on a 6ft Young Chang piano. This polonaise is one of my favourite pieces to play due to its dance like quality.

The Raindrop Prelude

This Chopin Prelude has an almost trancelike effect on the listener. It is very moody and the opening melody suggests a raindrop. The repeating note also suggests the pattern of rain and helps create the stormy atmosphere.

Valse Brillante in Eb major

The Chopin Valse was the perfect compliment for the Parisian Salon of the Romantic Period. The Valses where Chopin's most popular and financially rewarding works.




Fantasie Impromptu

I performed an all Chopin piano concert in my hometown of Carleton Place. This is a short clip of music. The piano is a Julianna. I bought the small candelabra in an antique store in Ottawa. Thanks for listening.

Black Key Etude

Chopin's piano etude in Gb major (black key etude) performed in Perth Ontario on Grand Piano.